Company Profile

Name of Corporation FISCO Ltd.
Head Offices 2F CoSTUME NATIONAL Aoyama Complex 5-4-30 Minamiaoyama Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Registered Address﹕2-18-15 Araki Cho Kishiwada, Osaka, Japan
Foundation 15-May-95
Capital JPY1,269 million yen (as of June 30,2018)
Fiscal Term December
Major Bank The Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Resona Bank
The Chiba Bank, Ltd.
The Joyo Bank, Ltd.
Board of Directors President and CEO Hitoshi Kano
Director Takaya Nakamura
Hiroyuki Matsuzaki
Osamu Fukami
Motoki Sato
Outside Director Katsuhiko Goto
Full-time corporate auditor Maiko Yoshimoto (outside)
Auditor Nobutoshi Kajisa (outside)
Tatsuo Morihana (outside)
Company History Apr-94 FISCO Ltd. founded in 1994, as a business division of Sanji Ltd.
Started to provide the information service to QUICK Corp. and Thomson Reuters.
May-95 FISCO Ltd. registered as company limited with capital of JPY10, 000,000 yen.
Oct-02 Developed the “Club FISCO” website that provides the information service to individual investors.
Oct-02 Formed business and capital alliance with Index Corporation (4835 JASDAQ).
May-04 Foundation of FISCO Asset Management.
Aug-04 Merged with Research and Pricing Technologies Inc (RP Tech).
Sep-04 Moved the head office location to Chiyoda-ku Tokyo.
Dec-05 Foundation of FISCO Commodity Co., Ltd.
Jun-06 Listed on the Hercules section of the Osaka Securities Exchange. (now the JASDAQ)
Jan-07 FISCO Asset Management licensed an approval of the Investment Trust Management Business.
Feb-07 Developed “FINDEX” stock index that covers each emerging markets.
Apr-07 Formed business and capital alliance with NNA Japan Co., Ltd.
Aug-07 Consolidated Financial Plus Co., Ltd.
Consolidated Sigma Base Capital Corporation
Oct-07 FISCO Asset Management formed business and capital alliance with ITOCHU Corporation (8001 TSE).
Formed business and capital alliance with Rakuten Securities Inc.
May-08 FISCO Asset Management renamed to TAKMA Capital Co., Ltd.
Oct-10 Financial Plus Co., Ltd. renamed to FISCO Place Ltd.
May-10 Foundation of FISCO International Ltd.
Jun-10 Transferred shares of Sigma Base Capital Co., Ltd.
Jun-10 FISCO Fujian Ltd., founded in Fujian province of China.
Oct-10 FISCO (BVI) Ltd., founded in the British Virgin Islands.
Nov-10 The completion of liquation of FISCO Commodity Ltd.
Dec-10 Acquired Financial Instruments Business Operator. (Investment Advisory and AgencyBusiness)
Registered No. 2482 of Kanto Local Finance Bureau.
Dec-10 Merged with FISCO Place Ltd.
Mar-11 Foundation of FISCO Capital Ltd.
May-11 FISCO International (BVI) Ltd., founded in British Virgin Islands.
Sep-11 Acquired shares of E-Tabinet.com Inc. and its subsidiaries (WebTravel Co., Ltd., Sekai Isshu Do Co., Ltd. and Liston Co., Ltd.), as consolidated subsidiaries.
Oct-11 Moved the head office to Minato-ku Tokyo.
Nov-11 Transferred shares of NNA Japan Co., Ltd. and excluded from equity method affiliate.
Feb-12 Acquired a money lending business registration of FISCO Capital Ltd. No.31427 of Governor of Tokyo
Apr-12 Changed the registered location to Kishiwada, Osaka.
Jul-12 Acquired shares of NetIndex Inc. (6634 JASDAQ), as a consolidated subsidiary.
Nov-13 Acquired shares of D & JOIN INC. to convert it to a consolidated subsidiary.
Dec-13 NCXX Inc. converted NCXX Solutions Inc. to a subsidiary.
Dec-13 NCXX Inc. acquired shares of Care Online Limited .
Jul-14 Acquired shares of General Solutions, Inc. to convert it to a consolidated subsidiary.
Jul-14 Care Online Limited changed its trading name in Japanese.
Dec-14 General Solutions, Inc. (surviving company) merged with D & JOIN INC. (dissolving company) through an absorption-type merger and changed the trading name to FISCO IR Ltd.
Dec-14 Diamond Agency, Inc. acquired the shares of Chanty Co., Ltd., converting it to a consolidated subsidiary.
Jan-15 Care Online Limited changed its trading name to Care Dynamics Limited.
Feb-15 Diamond Agency, Inc. was renamed FISCO DIAMOND AGENCY, Inc.
Jun-15 Acquired shares of SJI Inc. (2315 JASDAQ), as a consolidated subsidiary.