President’s Message

Toward Making More Great Strides

Since its founding, FISCO Ltd. has always conducted its financial information distribution business based on the principles of fairness and impartiality, primarily targeting financial institutions.

Today, FISCO Ltd. provides financial information not only to financial institutions, Internet-based financial instruments business operators, and institutional investors, but also to individual investors by distributing financial information via Yahoo! Japan and other portal websites. The FISCO Group boasts unparalleled brand name recognition as a financial information distributor in the Internet space.

Moreover, FISCO entered the corporate analysis report business about one year ago. This service utilizes FISCO’s online network to distribute analysts’ reports on listed companies and other detailed corporate information presented in a manner easy for individual investors to understand. FISCO will promote these businesses to become an unrivalled content distributor that seamlessly links investors and corporations, leveraging the outstanding recognition of the FISCO brand in the Internet space.

Furthermore,this business operation carries the possibility of acquiring a network of thousands of listed companies and build a business platform of listed companies. This initiative will enable the Group to create an enormous network encompassing not only corporations but also investors and consumers, providing a platform for many different types of communication, not just the exchange of financial information. Therefore, it harbors opportunities for a variety of services and businesses well beyond the scope of IR and content distribution.

As a whole, the Group has successfully built a portfolio of businesses that are highly competitive in their respective industries. This has been achieved by generating earnings from its strategic assets, which are centered on its brand power and analysis, editing, and distribution capabilities for providing timely and accurate information, both of which have been developed in the financial information distribution business. In the past, the Group had businesses that were not competitive within the industry, but now the Group has been generating earnings from those strategic assets by actively transferring them to various operating companies, along with building a portfolio of peripheral businesses in order to absorb the expertise held by each business. The synergies captured between these portfolio companies and FISCO Ltd.'s evolving businesses will sharpen one another and generate high profitability.

Looking ahead, the FISCO Group aims to constantly pursue a path of creativity and change in order to provide the optimal intelligence needed for people to make effective decisions in their investment and other economic activities in a society transform faster than ever.

Please expect much of FISCO going forward.

April 2013
Hitoshi Kano, President and CEO