Group Overview

Fisco Ltd. Fisco Ltd. FISCO is a professional body that provides the best financial investment support services. We offer financial services useful for managing and creating our customers’ assets, based on in-depth understanding of and insight into investments and markets.

Fisco Ltd.
Fisco Ltd.

Fisco IR Ltd.FISCO IR Support Services

The FISCO Group supports IR activities that contribute to increasing corporate value. We use swift, accurate corporate analysis and information distribution capabilities cultivated in our financial information distribution operations as well as editing capabilities based on an understanding of investor psychology.

NCXX Inc. NCXX Group Inc. NCXX Group Inc. is group corporate management strategy and business management Nursing care, planning such as rehabilitation robots, development, sale Agriculture ICT of planning, development, sales
NCXX Inc. NCXX Inc. Provide the development and sale of the communication devices using various wireless communication methods, related system solution and maintenance service.
NCXX Inc. NCXX Solutions Inc. Is based in the Kanto, Chubu, Kansai and Kyushu, manufacturing for more than 40 years, finance, insurance, distribution, in the system development of the public, etc., and has an extensive track record. Also start ASP service business.
CAIVA Inc. CAICA Inc. The CAICA Group's core business consists of information services, revolving primarily around systems development.
E-tabinet.com E-tabinet.com 「Laku Laku Travel Estimate Services」
A tool of requesting a tour estimate to all travel agencies in Japan
Web travel Co.Ltd. Web travel Co.Ltd. 「Travel concierge services」Seeking a custom-made tour estimate on the internet
Diamond Agency, Inc Diamond Agency, Inc We are integrated advertisement agency that plan and put in practice world-class corporate communication strategy through the creation of branding and communication ideas.
Chanty Co., Ltd. Chanty Co., Ltd. We contribute to increased sales for companies through planning and production of novelty items.
Versatile Inc. Versatile Inc. We respond to all varieties of customer requirements, centering on consulting services, not only single services but also including human resource dispatch and recruitment services and other services to provide the optimum match.