What is FISCO?

FISCO Ltd. is a professional group that provides superb investment support services.

We cover markets below:

Equity Markets
Put an emphasis on fundamental and technical approaches. Analyze trends of index futures, individual stocks and initial public offering (IPO) stocks from various viewpoints.
Foreign Exchange Markets
Intensively watch major currencies for 24 hours covering Tokyo, London and New York markets. Provide detailed reports on backgrounds of currency move, tricks and various countries’ VIP statements.
Bond Markets
Provide analytical information, mainly of Japanese Government Bond (JGB) market, by carefully watching policies and market players.
Commodity Markets
Analyze information related to commodity future trades and their price movements, making it easy-to-understand format, and forecast pricing.

Products of FISCO are available at dedicated terminals for financial information, including QUICK, REUTERS and BLOOMBERG. Also accessible on various websites such as on-line security companies, portal sites etc.

FISCO professionals are always trying our best to offer financial services that are utmost useful for customers’ asset creation, based on in-depth understanding and insight towards investment and market.

Management Philosophy of FISCO


  • Aim at the best company in financial services sector
  • Believe in neutral stance and ensure level playing field
  • Respect individual value as well as spirit of harmony
About Financial Services
On one hand, the task of manufacturing sector is how to provide valuable goods and services to customers with decent price, on the other, we think that of financial sector is how to fairly and effectively distribute limited assets (such as money, goods and real estates) and services, based on market principle.
FISCO tries to fulfill financial sector’s mission of “optimal distribution of resources” through information (contents) and advisory businesses that are the result of research, analysis and preview activities on financial and investment markets. The aim of investment as an economic activity is to energize economic growth and enrich our society through proper and effective distribution of assets.
In order to distribute (or invest) our assets properly and effectively, it is necessary for us to correctly judge how, where and in what conditions our money should be invested. To obtain such accurate judgments, society needs organizations like FISCO that can provide excellent research and analysis.
About neutral and fair standpoint
Of course, high level of expertise and credibility is necessary condition for organizations that engage in investment research and analysis, but at the same time, neutral and fair standpoint is also important. The centerpiece of FISCO’s management policy is on this “neutral and fair standpoint.”
About individual value and harmonious spirit
For companies to adapt to changes, overcome challenges and demonstrate consistent growth, it is necessary to properly integrate excellent “individual” ability into organizational “harmony.”
Especially, market forecast based on research and analysis is crucially important for investment world in which we place a bet on future economic and social prospects, and it is unthinkable to invest without any forecast.
However, the activities (or services) of forecast deeply rely on human intuition and insight. Extremely important mission for FISCO to expand our businesses is to create harmonious corporate environment in order to maximize individual quality and ability.