News Release

May/7/2021  First Domestic Airdrop Marketing Campaign for FISCO Coin (FSCC)
April/28/2021  (Progress Disclosure)Notice Regarding Completion of Lending Application Development
April/28/2021  FISCO Decentralized Application Platform Releases FSCC Lending Application
March/24/2021  Change in Schedule for the FISCO Coin (FSCC) Startup Contest
March/5/2021  Listing of FISCO Coin (FSCC) on Exrates
March/3/2021  Listing of FISCO Coin (FSCC) on Exrates
March/2/2021  Listing of FISCO Coin (FSCC) on Coinsbit
January/19/2021  Listing of FISCO Coin (FSCC) on ProBit
December/30/2020  Simultaneous Global Call for Proposals for the FISCO Coin (FSCC) Startup Contest
August/5/2020  Design Proposal for FISCO Decentralized Application Platform
July/6/2020  FISCO Ltd. will recruit “Vtuber Analyst”.
June/12/2020  FISCO token (FSCC) has been converted into ER20 protocol.
August/30/2019  Notice of Amendment to Mid-Term Business Plan
April/23/2019  Fisco Cryptocurrency Exchange – Resumption of Spot Trading Services for MonaCoin (MONA) in the Zaif Business (Disclosure of Progress) -
February/27/2019  Notice of Absorption of Consolidated Subsidiaries (Simplified, Short Form Amalgamation)
October/10/2018  Notification of Conclusion of Official Agreement to Provide Financial Support Regarding Customers’ Assets
October/10/2018  Notice Regarding Transfer of Business to Equity Method Affiliate
September/20/2018  Fisco Co, Ltd provides system and financial support to Tech Bureau
August/16/2018  Launch of New IR Specialty Platform Service “FISCO EyER”
July/18/2018  Start of Mining Business in NCXX Group
May/25/2018  Start of Diagnostic Service Based on the “GDPR Guidebook”
January/12/2018  FCCE and NCXX Group Business Tie-Up
January/10/2018  BRIEF-Fisco To Launch Cryptocurrency Fund Of More Than 300 Mln Yen – Nikkei
December/14/2017  BRIEF-Fisco to acquire 99.85 pct voting power in investment firm for 141 mln yen
October/25/2017  BRIEF-Fisco unit sells Tokyo-based property for 356 mln yen
August/29/2017  Fisco says business and capital alliance with CAICA
August/23/2017  Fisco unit to issue 305 shares for 549 mln yen
August/23/2017  CAICA to acquire stake in unit of Fisco for 199.8 mln yen
August/16/2017  Launch of Special Webpages for the Exchange of Fisco Coin Tokens, etc., for Products and Services— Stabilizing and Enhancing the Value of the FISCO Group’s Three Tokens by Upgrading and Expanding Their Applications—
August/14/2017  Fisco Cryptocurrency Exchange Issues Japan’s First Bitcoin-Denominated Bonds—Developing a New Fundraising Method for Business Enterprises—
August/14/2017  Fisco unit says capital alliance with FACETASM
August/10/2017  Investment Fund of NTVP, FISCO, and ABBALab Commenced First-Ever Direct Investment in Cryptocurrency and ICO Tokens in Japan
August/3/2017  CAICA Becomes a COMSA Development Partner
May/25/2017  Fisco and unit complete liquidation of two China-based units
April/27/2017  Fisco to sell shares of NCXX Group for 60.2 mln yen
March/8/2017  FISCO and Sockets to form business and capital alliance
January/17/2017  FISCO unit plans business alliance with Terilogy in security area
January/17/2017  Fisco says unit NCXX Group’s business and capital alliance with Terilogy
January/17/2017  FISCO and unit plan business alliance with Terilogy on joint marketing of security commodity
December/20/2016  Fisco to sell two units to NCXX Group
September/2/2016  Fisco Cryptocurrency Exchange Begins Bitcoin Exchange Operations
August/31/2016  Fisco unit to dissolve two British Virgin Islands units
August/15/2016  Kichiri says business alliance with SJI and unit of FISCO
August/5/2016  Fisco’s stake in virtual currency unit to be lowered to 42.9 pct from 50 pct
July/1/2016  Fisco unit to buy Titicaca Corp to start apparel sales business
June/16/2016  Notice Concerning Distribution of Fisco Coin Tokens to FISCO Ltd. Shareholders
April/28/2016  Fisco announces business and capital alliance with Tech Bureau
April/12/2016  Fisco completes establishment of joint venture with SJI , Ncxx and SEQUEDGE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
April/1/2016  Fisco updates plan of setting up joint venture with SJI, Ncxx and SEQUEDGE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
March/28/2016  Fisco announces shareholding structure change
March/16/2016  Fisco plans to set up joint venture
February/23/2016  Fisco to issue year-end dividend for FY 2015
December/21/2015  Fisco completes share repurchase
December/1/2015  Fisco updates share repurchase status
November/2/2015  Fisco updates share repurchase status
July/21/2015  Fisco subsidiary to form business and capital alliance with SO-TWO
July/15/2015  Fisco plans to repurchase shares
May/18/2015  Corporate report 2014(This report was written for the purpose of IR activities.)
April/24/2015  Consolidated Financial Results for the Fiscal Year Ended December31,2014
February/13/2015  Fisco to issue year-end dividend for FY 2014
January/9/2015  Fisco updates on company acquisition price by subsidiary
December/30/2014  Fisco subsidiary completes to acquire Tokyo-based company
December/22/2014  Fisco Ltd announces result of share repurchase
November/24/2014  Fisco Ltd amends consolidated full-year outlook for FY 2014
October/10/2014  Fisco Ltd lowers consolidated full-year outlook for FY 2014
October/6/2014  Fisco Ltd announces merge between subsidiaries
August/13/2014  Fisco Ltd completes acquire shares in General solutions
August/13/2014  Fisco Ltd expects extraordinary profit for Q2 of FY 2014
June/30/2014  Fisco Ltd to announces business and capital alliance with General solutions and to acquire majority stake of General solutions
May/29/2014  Fisco announces share repurchase plan
May/14/2014  Fisco revises year-end dividend forecast for FY 2014
February/14/2014  Fisco Ltd to pay year-end dividend of 17.00 yen for FY 2013
February/14/2014  Fisco Ltd expects extraordinary profit for FY 2013
November/29/2013  The company research and analysis report of the company;FY13/12 2Q(in English) uploaded.This report was written for the purpose of IR activities.
November/8/2013  FISCO Ltd to Fully Acquire D & JOIN INC.
August/13/2013  FISCO Ltd Expects Extraordinary Profit for Q2 of FY 2013
August/13/2013  FISCO Ltd Cancels Mid-year Dividend for FY 2013
May/1/2013  FISCO Ltd Announces Updated on Acquisition of Versatile Inc.
April/30/2013  FISCO is recognized as one of the leading financial company in Japan.Fisco’s analysis appears regularly on Reuters, Bloomberg, .etc. and is subscribed to by major financial institutions, money manger ,retail investors.

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Information Services

Information Distribution Service Division

FISCO provides various types of financial services to support investors based on sharp analytical skills for each investment market and backed by rich experience.

IR Consulting

IR Consulting Business Division

The FISCO Group supports IR activities that contribute to increased corporate value. To this end, FISCO uses swift, accurate corporate analysis and information distribution capabilities cultivated in the FISCO Group's financial information distribution operations, as well as editing capabilities based on an understanding of investor psychology.

Advertising and Creative

Fisco Diamond Agency Business Division

The Fisco Diamond Agency Business Division plans and puts into practice corporate communication strategies through the creation of branding and communication ideas.


Investment support services for our members, who prepare and practice investments and asset creations
Advice and sales of investment information that will improve your investment performance


Provide “FISCO AI” and “Stock Karte (research record).” “FISCO AI” is a service that gives you an automatic stock price prediction. “Stock Karte” is a prescription in which we analyze stocks and provide total investment scores from fundamentals, technical and supply-demand perspectives.

FISCO Corporate analysis report

The report focuses on the important and essential issues such as analysis of management strategy, investigation of corporate capabilities, and growth potential.