In use of IR information

Although IR information published to this website aims at offer of the financial information of FISCO Ltd. (following, our company), a management index, etc., it does not offer what kind of manifestation and guarantee about the contents. Moreover, printing of the information on this website is not a thing aiming at investment invitation. When you actually invest, it being extensively based on the information on this website, and drawing investment rating cuts down, and please make a final decision about investment by you yourself judgment.

Be related with published information

Although our company has paid careful attention about the information published to this website, no responsibility is taken regardless of how of a reason about the following points. Being related with the obstacle etc. which arose by the third party by the alteration of data, data download, etc., when the published information has an error.


The description about future achievements is included in a part of information published to this website. Such a description does not guarantee future achievements and includes a risk and uncertainty. By environmental change etc., future achievements should care about that it may differ from an actual result.

Be related with employment of this website.

This website may make a stop and change of the contents without a preliminary announcement. Moreover, this website may be unable to be normally used for communication environment, the situation of your computer, and other reasons. Please understand beforehand that it is not what takes responsibility to any trouble, loss, and damage which arose by these.