Invester Relations

IR Policy

Basic Policy

The Company will provide prompt, fair, and accurate disclosure to all shareholders and investors.
Moreover, in accordance with the guidelines on timely disclosure stipulated in the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, we will provide timely and appropriate disclosure. And for information not covered by the guidelines, our policy is to provide active and fair disclosure to our shareholders and investors where we deem that such information is useful for understanding the Company.

Investors’ Briefings

We hold investors’ briefings to help shareholders and investors gain a better understanding of the Company. At all of these briefings we limit our disclosure and discussion to information that has already been disclosed in results announcements and so forth, generally known matters, and general information about the business environment.
Regardless of whether information is important or not, the Company never mentions any matters that have not been disclosed.

Quiet Period

The Company has established a quiet period during which time it does not make comments on business forecasts or results.
The Company’s quiet period is the final three weeks in each quarter leading up to the announcement of financial results.
However, if there is a major change in our business forecast or some similar occurrence during the quiet period, or if there is a material occurrence, we will disclose it promptly. We will also respond appropriately to questions and so forth within the scope of information that has already been disclosed.

Method of Information Disclosure

For disclosing information that is covered by the guidelines for timely disclosure, after submitting an explanation to the Tokyo Stock Exchange, we promptly disclose the information using the timely disclosure system, TDnet.
We also post information disclosed through TDnet on our website. For disclosure of information that is not covered by timely disclosure guidelines, we use appropriate methods based on the guidelines to disclose it as accurately and fairly as possible.

Rigorous Internal Application of IR Policy

The Company has made sure that all Group companies and employees are fully aware of this IR Policy and comply with it rigorously.
Moreover, inquiries from investors and shareholders are all handled by the department responsible for IR.