Market Research

“Research” is the source of FISCO’s added-value creation. We analyze Japanese stocks, overseas stocks, foreign exchanges, rates & bonds (Japanese government bonds, overseas bonds, corporate bonds), commodities, and emerging markets. We have analysts responsible for each dedicated markets and have special correspondents office in New York. We provide about 500 real-time information contents (including comments and reports) per day.

Real-Time Services through Dedicated Terminals (for Financial Corporations)

We quickly inform our customers market movements through dedicated terminals and services for financial information, including REUTERS, QUICK, BLOOMBERG, and JIJI PRESS. We analyze market movements and individual stocks from various perspectives such as fundamentals, technical and demand-supply balance. We quickly provide our own information from market participants, market topics, and speculations on a real-time basis.
We provide about 500 real-time information contents per day, covering Japanese stocks, foreign exchanges and rate & bond markets. We inform you every single factor without missing moment-to-moment changes.
The contents mentioned above are also available over the Internet website.

Website Services (for Retail Investors)

FISCO provides wide-raged financial information through our website platforms that are employed by security companies, headquarters and branches of banks, portal sites, on-line security companies, foreign exchange margin transactions companies.

ASP Services for Real-Time Information (The same level of information we provide through dedicated terminals for financial information)
If you have browsers, it’s easy to introduce this service. This is a solution you can reduce ”hidden cost” if you build and operate your own systems. Hidden cost includes direct costs, future upgrade costs, system-related personnel costs and trouble-shooting costs.

Real-time information for retail investors, for exclusive use of our member customers through our website
This service is widely available over the Internet websites or portal sites of on-line security companies and foreign exchange margin transactions companies.

Customize our contents in order to meet the needs of our clients
It is possible to provide tailor-made contents for our (member) customers’ use and purposes.