Information Services

FISCO provides various financial services that support investors based on smart analysis and abundant experience with investment markets.

Market Research

We provide high-quality analysis on Japanese stocks, overseas stocks (including emerging markets), foreign exchanges, rates & bonds (Japanese government bonds, overseas bonds, corporate bonds), and commodities.
Provide about 500 real-time information contents (including comments and reports) per day.

Information and tools for retail investors

We provide various services, such as reports and stock price prediction tools, that can support our customers’ asset creation.

Research Team (Analysts)

Research team of FISCO consists of analysts that have a detailed knowledge of each market. Our analysts quickly give you valuable information based on deep knowledge, keen analysis and abundant experience.

Market Reporters

FISCO market reporters distribute corporate information from the consumer's perspective by reinterpreting the opinions of analysts from their own viewpoint. This is to make the world of finance and economics, which is often considered to be difficult, more familiar and accessible to the general public.

Social Reporters

The FISCO social reporter system certifies individual investors who actually communicate information individually as social reporters in collaboration with FISCO.

FISCO Campus

FISCO Campus is an activity organized by university students, based on the activities of FISCO research reporters*.

Perception Studies

Studies that determine a company’s market recognition and assessment through interviews and questionnaires conducted with institutional investors, analysts, strategists and other persons involved in the market from Japan and abroad.